Maybe you’ve heard—2014 is the Year of the Yurt, the round house globally beloved from Mongolia to Maine. This circular dwelling is so compelling, even squares can come to love them.

But now consider this: if you were a yurt, what kind of yurt would you be? Make yourself comfortable and/or circular, crack open a can of yak butter tea, and take a moment to channel your inner yurt.

Which of the following statements best applies to you?

1. I am a global nomad, at one with the elements.

You are: Traditional Yurt

You are a cult figure, and many devotees call you by your growly Mongolian nickname: “Ger.”  You are a transportable dwelling made of yak wool felt, with a wood fire burning at your core to provide warmth and yak butter tea (optional, happily). No one can tie you down for long—you may be found in Mongolia, Ibiza or the Sierra Nevada, wherever the mood and seasons lead you.


2. I’m, like, a Kardashian with a conscience.

You are: Yurt Mansion

Being rich and famous gets boring, you know? So you strip back to basics, with just the essentials—self-tanner, namesake perfume, PR team—at a circular St Tropez estate with HD home cinema and cliffside hot tub. You go eco in a big way, and park the Prius at Australian rainforest retreats and organic farm-to-table meals in Malibu.


3. Some of my best friends are hobbits.

You are: Woodland Yurt

You keep a low profile in the underbrush, and befriend more wildlife than a Disney princess. In the forest, you go the full Gandalf: you hang out with songbirds in your California redwood hot tub, water Alaskan fireweed in hiking-boot planters, and converse with deer from your hand-hewn Canadian pine deck chair.


4. I prefer to answer questions through interpretive dance.

You are: The Artiste Yurt

You’re no ordinary habitat: you are the holiday home of The Muse. You keep a Wurlitzer by the bed to capture melodies that haunt your dreams, and may host sacred geometry workshops and arts therapy sessions. You attract admirers who know what this means.


5. I am a reincarnated medieval monarch, ruler of all I survey.

You are: Ye Olde Hilltop Yurt

There are easier ways to score 360-degree views than prodding cranky serfs into building you a new tower. A round wooden yurt platform offers the ideal vantage point to conquer Portuguese plateaus, Greek sea cliffs, and French Alps—though that would mean vacating the deck chair. Maybe next lifetime.


6. I am 100% organic, local, and seasonal.

You are: Farm Yurt

In a world of conventionally produced architecture, you are the heirloom. You keep breakfast at your barn-wood doorstep on an upstate New York apple orchard, offer homegrown meals to yurt-dwellers in a converted schoolbus in Wales, and go totally off the grid in Andalusia (solar-powered Internet available).  With free-range omelets and all-natural splendor, you win over urbanites to backyard chickens and composting toilets … for the weekend, anyway.


7. The question is its own answer.

You are: Meditation Yurt

Corners are so confining – your circular structure frees minds to wander. Yurt dwellers claim that “living in the round” creates community and inner peace, making yurts ideal for spiritual retreats in Kansas, group meditation weekends in Maine (communal sauna included) and Blue Ridge Mountain eco-getaways (in case of digital detox, there’s high-speed wifi). Skeptics hush under your central skylight, for serene stargazing and unexpected illumination—feel free to say “om” anytime.


8. Intriguing…what do you think? Cocktails?

You are: Flirt Yurt

There’s nothing you like more than good company in dim lighting, except maybe an easy exit strategy. So you hang out near the London Underground, in a Melbourne backyard, and within walking distance of wine-tasting rooms in downtown Ojai, California. Until people get wise to that “check out my yurt” line, you’re golden.


9. Later, brah—there’s a gnarly swell right now.

You are: Surf Yurt

Not that anyone needs to ask – your name and geolocation make it pretty obvious. You are Hangin’ Loose in Hawaii, Sun Yurt at Mermaid’s Secret in the Dominican Republic, Surf Stay Yurt in Queensland, and the classic Weekend Surfer’s Getaway in Santa Cruz. You lull waveriders to sleep with crashing surf, and wake them the same way. Pro surfers have a word for this: awesome.


10. I already know the solution to this question, the Rubik’s Cube, and world peace.

You are: the Dalai Lama

Quit skewing the curve for the rest of us…but please keep up the nice work on world peace.

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