Why be an Airbnb host?

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Why are people around the world opening up their spaces to Airbnb travelers?

Well, we thought they should tell you – in their own words. These are their stories.

We’re grateful to these folks, and to all our hosts everywhere, for making Airbnb one of the world’s great communities.

We can’t wait for you to join us.

Special thanks to the wonderful hosts who appear in this video. You can see more stories at www.airbnb.com/life.

In San Francisco

In London

In Berlin

In Paris

In Rome

In Barcelona

In Rio de Janeiro



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  1. Lori-Vancouver BC Superhost

    Why NOT be a host with Airbnb…I can list several reasons that we are a host but I can’t pick just one! We are THRILLED to be a superhost with Airbnb and if you are going to be a host…be the BEST thay you can be:)

  2. Antonio


  3. Lori-Vancouver BC Superhost

    Okay, here’s just one reason why to host with Airbnb!We just had the best airbnb guests from Germany. They made us beef and spaetzle for dinner one night…it was so good! She even taught me how to make spaetzle before she left. So kind:)