What’s to love about Miami?

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A lot – and more than you might think.

Last week, Airbnb invited our community of hosts, travelers, and guests in the Miami area to attend the Wynwood Art Walk. Every month, the up-and-coming arts district of Wynwood features locally produced work in more than 60 galleries and collections.

Themed “I Love Miami,” our event encouraged guests to share what they love about the city – from the best pan con bistec (Enriqueta’s) to the sunshine.

We were particularly proud to partner with local supplier Feverish Ice Cream, who provided attendees with their notorious Boozy Popsicles, and to feature a unique photo booth designed by Plant the Future.


Plant the Future is a Wynwood art and design gallery that features works made of plants. They hosted us in their lovely succulent garden. We fell in love with their glorious, outlandish creations. They’ve created a beautiful, otherworldly space in a part of Miami that tourists may miss – if they don’t look.


What corners of your town are underloved?



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  1. TheWorldOrBust

    Art walk is the best! I’m mad I couldn’t make it to this event, but it looked like a lot of fun. I actually wrote a blog post all about Artwalk and the amazing murals of Wynnwood, check out my blog if you’d like to read about it, TheWorldOrBust dot com.