What makes a place beautiful?

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We asked our Facebook fans and Twitter followers a simple question: “What’s the most beautiful place you’ve been to?”

The answers spanned (almost) every continent and included picturesque cities, bucolic countrysides, stunning landscapes, and even nostalgic memories. Some of the more creative answers included Pandora (we are doubting the veracity of that claim) and “my husband’s arms” (with admitted cheesiness).

Blue people and domestic bliss aside, this got us wondering, “What makes a place beautiful?” Is it the sublime pull of nature? A well-designed interior? The emotions and memories associated with a place? Or something else altogether?

What do you think? When it comes to beauty, what makes one place more beautiful than another?

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About Vivek Wagle

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  1. kimlanny

    I think its a little of the three: 1. The Location; Which must have been either convenient or easy to find.2. The Beauty; Which must have captivated you when you started searching for solace and3. The Memories; Which package it all up wonderfully if the created at this solace are beautiful and worth cherishing.Well, that’s what I think.

  2. Gess

    How it feels and make you feel. It is a love affair, a friendship, a relationship you establish with the OUTSIDE of yourself. Chills depend on what we really like and value the most. Sometimes is just unpredictable as love. As for me, I fall with spotless, safe, well decorated (less is better is my criteria), bright houses/places located RIGHT in the centre of the action (town centre, sea, jungle). Need a nice view when I wake up and go to bed: a view that it is not only outside, but that SPLASHES into my eyes.Nice view means ocean at sunset or caotic Delhi at 7 o’clock am. Mmmhhhh, might be all related to colors? Perhaps! Or maybe how a place is TRUE to its own nature, whatever it is.It offers itself exactly the way it is.

  3. dorothy mehnert

    Nature is beautiful

  4. monique cabral

    What makes a place beautiful is the state of mind of the observer.So if you are in heaven , everything looks pink and blue!If your in hell, even the most beautiful castle can be a prison!

  5. yashika varshney

    its true