Welcome Localmind to the Airbnb family!

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We have some exciting news.

Today, we’re proud to announce that the Localmind team is now part of Airbnb!

We love Localmind’s product – a platform that lets users crowdsource wisdom about what’s happening on the local scene in real time. Even more than that, we think the Localmind team (Lenny Rachitsky, Beau Haugh, and Nelson Gauthier) is frankly awesome.

So this acquisition means that everything related to Localmind – including technology, intellectual property, product, and (of course!) the Localmind team – are now part of Airbnb.

This was always meant to be. Localmind’s mission centers on using online technologies to connect people offline. At its core, that’s what Airbnb does.

We were also impressed by the world-class talent at Localmind. We feel that the caliber of Localmind’s engineers and producers reinforces the world-class team we’re building here.

The unification is already bearing fruit. The Localmind product team is integrating new social initiatives into the Airbnb experience. It’s just what our passionate global community has been asking for.

We believe that the results of this acquisition will mean more authentic, more local experiences for our traveling community – and our hosts as well!


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  1. Lori-Airbnb Superhost

    Welcome to our community…you are going to like it:)

  2. Sarah Burke

    I had the chance to hear Lenny speak at TEDxConcordia in early 2011 and tried out Localmind as it was being released. I can’t wait to see what awesomeness will come out of Airbnb+Localmind. : )

  3. Geo Bellairs

    I have enjoyed my life more with being a Superhost with Airbnb than many other things that I have done in my life. Lets open up and let localmind do more action on my mindGeo

  4. Vicki Thomas

    If I could speek to you guys we might get the problem in /wA fixed and we will all make some money. No one is fixing it. put THORNLIE WA in and you get every other suburb. No one seems to care I have emailed on numerous occasions with problems and they don’t get fixed the pricing is still wrong as well at one stage it was showing 3 times the amoun t I was asking.Please guys IK will have to go back to work soon if we don’t get these problems fixed

  5. Kiralik

    Great idea. Congrats guys and good luck