While there are no listing yet available near the Wye Valley, there are certainly plenty of places to choose from that would only be a few hours drive away.

Wye Valley is perhaps one of the most beautiful places in the western part of the United Kingdom, tucked neatly away in Wales. With plenty of places to hike, and relic after relic to visit, there is absolutely no doubt that the adventurous you would find something to do.

While the country is notorious for stirring up sheep jokes with its neighbors, the Welsh offer some of the finest cuisine you will ever imagine. From mussels to Welsh Cakes, Snowdonian cheese (The Little Black Bomber is so tasty!) to fine local ciders and ales, and furthermore to honey and of course to lamb, even a short weekend trip away from London will be worth it to wake up your senses and get a breath of nature for a change.

Believe me. I’ve been there. It will take your breath away.

AirBnB Girl aka. elfie C.