Apologies, first of all, for the severe lack of quality photography. Perhaps we should get a competition going to get you traveling photographers to submit your work and get something featured or posted on our blog… what say you? I should probably pass the idea by our co-founders first, but I will inevitably get back to you on that one.

Meanwhile, this week I suggest a visit to Seattle. We have 70 affordable listings for you to choose from, some with a substantial number of reviews for you to peruse through, too, so you know what you're getting for your dollars worth.

And what's great in Seattle this time of year? Well, apart from Pike Place Market being open pretty much all year round, the weather is just cooling off from summer and rainy season hasn't quite started yet. It's a nice transition stage that's perfect for walking around.

More ideas next week!

AirBnB Girl aka. elfie C.