I’ve missed a good few weeks of Travel Tuesday entries – please do accept my apologies. I’ve been taking Travel Tuesday a little too literally and have developed a fondness for actually traveling on Tuesdays. Oops! :)

So back to work this week: I recommend driving down California’s Highway 1.

Whether you plan on going up the coast during the day, or heading down the coast during sunset to reach LA in time for a little bit of a party, if you’ve never seen a true oceanic horizon before, you absolutely have to do this.

The stretch of the drive is only about 6 hours long, but anticipate the entire journey from San Francisco to Los Angeles to take approximately 12 hours, which allows for stopping every 100 yards to step out of your car and admire the beautiful scenery.

And with the abundance of AirBnB listings we’ve provided in California, this is most certainly a trip you can’t say no to.

Over and out,
AirBnB Girl aka. elfie C.