Travel Tuesday: Barcelona

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Traveling to Spain this time of year is pretty awesome, if you can cope with the heat. We have a few listings in Barcelona that might take your fancy, should you decide to include this adorable little city in your list of places to visit during your European trip.

I’m a personal fan of Barca. Not just for Gaudi and the beautiful beaches, but because of Old Town and the delicious Spanish dishes hidden in local restaurants embedded deep within the narrow streets, away from the tourist crowds. Be sure to ask your AirBnB hosts where to find such local pleasures in the city. But here’s a tip from me: find the restaurant La Fonda on Carrer dels Escudellers and order their paella. You can’t miss it. Spaniards line up outside for a whole hour before dinner-time opening hours, just to get in.

Oh, and then of course there is the the gigantic structure of La Sagrada Familia that you should visit. It’s breath-taking. And that’s an understatement.

All for today, folks.

AirBnB Girl aka. elfie C.


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    Barcelona is wonderful! Great post! Would love for you to add a few travel photos & post at

  2. Frances lee

    gorgeous photos! where didi you stay?