Today, AskMen reveals its global ranking of the Top 29 Cities to Live In. To celebrate the launch, Airbnb has created a special AskMen Collection, featuring some of the hottest places to stay in each of these amazing cities, including New York, Cape Town, Hong Kong, and Melbourne. Find a place on Airbnb and explore these cities to see just why they made the AskMen Top 29.


AskMen’s formula ranked the best cities for men to live, work and socialize in, based on data like the quality of green spaces, guaranteed vacation days, unemployment rate, culinary scene and ratio of single, educated women.  Topping 2010’s list were cities like New York, Tokyo and London, which offer job growth alongside the opportunity to enjoy the spoils through generous vacation days and a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Capitals like Buenos Aires and Madrid made the cut as well, thanks in part to their exciting dining cultures and established café and nightlife scenes. Rounding out the Top 29 are a handful of emerging cities such as Beirut and Bogota, known for their vibrant culture, nonstop parties and entrepreneurial innovation.