Just picked up copies of Time Magazine (April 20, 2009), and the article looks great! Woot! We’ve seen a noticeable uptick in sign-ups, hostings, and reservations both on our site, and Twitter. Very cool. Thanks everyone for your emails. We’re glad to get the word out about Airbnb to millions of Time readers around the world. And a huge thanks to Josh for writing a stellar article, and Tim for a memorable photo shoot. The 4-page article is a great read, incorporating insight from esteemed Y-Combinator founder Paul Graham, who reminds us all to “listen to our users”. (We’re listening – email us at support (at) airbnb.com). The paper copy is available at newsstands internationally through the week, and the online text is available here. The paper version has more content (and photos), and is worth picking up.

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