Thrill it up on a coast-to-coast adventure!

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Winning feels great. Winning a jet-setting trip through five of America’s finest cities – with travel and Airbnb accommodations all covered – feels incredible. We want you to feel incredible.

Here at Airbnb, we’re huge fans of Thrillist – purveyor of all things cool in your city. That’s why we teamed up with them to co-sponsor the Tour de Thrillist, an epic bicoastal marathon that uncovered the best of Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Austin, Philadelphia, and New York City.

We provided the super-cool, ultra-chill spaces that provided a haven from the eating competitions, roadside antics, and sky-high Laser Tag. And now it’s your turn.

We want to give you the chance to experience the action, from stratospheric views of the Vegas strip to the beachside glory of Malibu. All you have to do is enter the Tour de Thrillist Sweepstakes. Thrillist will pick one lucky winner – and a co-pilot – to experience the action-packed trip firsthand.

Go on. Have a blast. And send us a postcard or two.


About Vivek Wagle

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  1. Lori-Vancouver BC Airbnb Superhost

    Great contest…darn…for US Residents only…maybe next time:)

  2. ElliottM

    Yea, scratching my head as a fellow Canadian as to why that’s the case. This is pretty much a dream vacation for me. Snap.