On our last tour the AirTeam found themselves visiting hosts in the countryside of Tuscany to explore Da Vinci’s hometown, held meetup’s with local beer flowing in Dublin, and met hundreds of the people that make up the Airbnb community. It was so much fun that we all carried our passports in our pockets just waiting for the green-light to hear about which tour would be next.

Well, that time has come. If you are in any of the following cities (or nearby, the drive will be worth it) then please come out and meet all of the amazing people that make up our worldly community.


The Schedule:

Bath: March 28 (rsvp)

Brighton: March 30 (rsvp)

London (hosts): April 01 (rsvp)

Jerusalem: April 05 (rsvp)

Tel Aviv: April 07 (rsvp)

Istanbul: April 09 (tbd)

Athens: April 11 (tbd)

London Bash: April 14 (tbd)


There will be tips and education provided on how to become the best host ever, lots of fun goodies to give away, travel coupons to be handed out, and even some AirbnTrivia. We will also be filming AirbnbTV – so if you would like to be considered please email tv@airbnb.com.

We can’t wait to meet you, and be sure to bring your friends! Stay tuned to the blog for the launch of our tour page in the next couple days – where you’ll be able to follow along city by city.

Bon Voyage,

The AirTeam