The Airbnb Community Gathers in Washington, D.C.

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A contentious election season is well underway, but Washingtonians who dig Airbnb were able to escape the city’s partisan bickering at last week’s “AirBooze and Bites” happy hour. The event brought Airbnb evangelists of all political stripes to Ris, an upscale-chill restaurant in the District’s West End neighborhood.  

Attendees sipped cocktails, sampled Ris’ wares, and mingled with fellow savvy travelers.  Hosted by Jeremy Long, a member of Airbnb’s AirCrew, this fall’s happy hour was a resounding success. Which is more than we can say for some candidates’ campaign tactics.

Take a peek at the photo action hereAirbnb would like to thank guest blogger and Airbnb traveler, Tanya S, for sharing her experience with us!

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