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I’ve just returned from a trip to Dublin and I’m excited to announce that we’ve selected this vibrant, historic city as our European home. Our business in Europe is thriving. It’s now our largest market, and we have offices in seven major cities around the region. In addition to these offices, it’s become clear that we need to establish a regional home to bring our European teams and community together.

At the heart of every great trip is great hospitality. It’s service with heart. While hospitality has become a word that many associate with hotels, when experts teach about hospitality, they often often cite the idea of welcoming someone, as if they were entering your home. That’s how we see it at Airbnb. While we are powered by design and technology, at our core we are really a community-driven hospitality company.

Hospitality is what we do each and every time we speak to hosts and guests. Now we can be even closer to our European community to better serve them. So what will we do in Dublin? Two things.

First, Dublin will be where we create our Hospitality Innovation Lab. Here, we will innovate on the customer experience. Our focus will be how to empower our hosts to provide excellent hospitality.

Second, we would like Dublin to be the home for our European Customer Experience team. This is the team that ensures that your trip goes delightfully smooth, and your hosting is successful.

So why Dublin? Well, it turns out that Dublin has hospitality in its DNA. Dublin is known the world over for its warm welcome. The city has a reputation for being one of the most hospitable and friendliest places in the world. Dublin is also an emerging technology epicenter in Europe, and one of its most international cities, with nearly every language represented.

When we decided to create this office in Dublin, we said it would be a little different. It wouldn’t just be a home for our team. It would be a home for our community. So if you are one of the next hundred thousand guests to visit Dublin on Airbnb, or one of our friendly new hosts, we would love to welcome you.


About Brian Chesky

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  1. Javier Y

    Good article about hospitality, however your algorithm should incorporate # of reviews and number if stars. Since your change a few months ago the # of inquiries has dropped it’s clearly due to the change of algorithm and we’ve dropped in placement with your search results. Look to correct it because your system is great in theory but desperately can use improvement in real time. You guys have a great thing going don’t ruin it by soley based on analytics give reviews, updated calendar, response time and # of 5 star reviews importance. Geo shouldn’t be the only weighing point.

  2. Mick Wright

    Super business, delighted you’re coming to Dublin. Feel free to contact me if you need help finding a location.

  3. jar.ie

    Welcome to Ireland!

  4. lorna

    Fáilte go Baile Atha Cliath!

    Who can I contact to discuss job opportunities?

  5. Gavin

    Welcome to Dublin! :)

  6. Stewart Curry

    Welcome to Dublin guys! Be sure to pop along to the next http://pubstandards.ie/ for a pint!

  7. Paul M. Watson

    Welcome to the fair city. Any chance AirBnB will expand to development work in Dublin? We have great developers, not just call center workers :)

  8. Maura Shine

    Céad míle fáilte Airbnb. You’re welcome!

  9. Mervyn Greene


    thought that was a great blog.


  10. Cyril Moloney

    Welcome to Dublin and Ireland,
    I love what Airbnb does. Best of luck with getting everything set up and hope there is a house warming party!

  11. Brain

    When/where can I apply for tech positions?

    Thanks : )

  12. Adrian Legg

    We went to the Mission district in San Francisco, on a Irish Startup raid to the town…Stayed 8 days in Sept.
    We used airbnb and we had the best trip of our lives.
    We stayed here: a dream of a week, in an artists apartment, the perfect AirBnB experience for us.
    a perfect holiday, in the coolest apartment, with the Mission district full of the best eating and weather in the city.
    Thank you Airbnb and welcome to Ireland.

  13. Clem

    And yet another start up that has come to the business with that “change the world” mentality but fall anyway for the Tax paradise that offer Ireland. And don’t even try to play the “nice country and stuff” card…
    This is lame. Your just shooting yourself in the foot, and other people in the process.

    Never will be an air bnb customer again.

  14. Luciana Smaldore

    Good choice, guys! I’m coming to Dublin in few weeks, so I’m glad to read that! Yay!! ;)

  15. katefenn

    Great addition to Ireland. I used AIRBNB for a trip to NYC and I couldn’t believe how easy everything was. Since then I have recommended everyone to do this.

  16. Brian Whelan

    Hospitality in our DNA that’s it! Brian (Dublin Visitors http://www.dublin1.webs.com)

  17. Ken

    Hi Brian, Great to see a creative space for a creative company. I am a massive advocate and fan of the collaborative economy and start-ups using this business model. I am currently doing a deep dive analysis on the strategy of Airbnb and collaborative consumption in general and identifying what are the major challenges and opportunities that collaborative companies are faced with. Have you identified a MD for the Dublin office yet, it would be great to have a chat to get an inside perspective on the strategies and challenges faced by the flagship business using this business model. Also I’m excited to hear about the strategy on a page.. I wonder how much my analysis and your strategy will match.
    Check out my collaborative economy blog: http://www.kenfinnegan.com\blog