The birth of Airbnb is a unique story. But the founding of our company simply does not compare to recent events. Two weeks ago, Airbnb got a wake up call. We experienced what felt like a rebirth, and we have since committed our company to trust and safety. Since the beginning of August, we have designed, built, and shipped over 40 new trust and safety features. Check out a list of the new features in our Trust & Safety Center.


Some changes you will see right away (video profiles), while others are working hard behind the scenes (advanced fraud algorithms). They all come together with today’s launch of the $50,000 Airbnb Host Guarantee.



$50,000 Airbnb Host Guarantee
We’re extremely excited to launch the Airbnb Host Guarantee today in 10 countries. Our marketplace empowers hosts to make informed choices when renting out their place, and a $50,000 Host Guarantee offers hosts free, built-in protection against theft and vandalism should the unexpected happen. Learn more about the Airbnb Host Guarantee.

Address Verification
Address verification brings a whole new level of trust to the listings on Airbnb. Starting next week, new and existing hosts will receive a postal mailer to verify their addresses. Verified listings will get a bump in search rankings and receive a “Verified Address” badge, boosting their appeal to travelers and thereby increasing inquiries and bookings.


Multiple Profile Photos
You’ve asked for more profile photos, and here they are! You can now add up to 20 profile photos, just don’t forget to smile. Upload more profile photos.
Privacy Controls
It’s your information, control it. Members now have more granular control over the privacy settings of their listings and profiles than ever before. You can choose to filter your profile and listings out of search engines, and conceal your Social Connections from public view. Adjust your privacy controls.



Guest Names in Accept/Decline
Screen inquiring guests like never before. Starting today, hosts can see the full name of a guest before deciding to accept or decline a reservation request. Full guest names are only visible after sending a reservation request, giving hosts one more way to research prospective guests before accepting a reservation.



Help Center 2.0
Helping yourself just got easier. We gave a massive overhaul – it’s easier to navigate and find what you’re looking for, and now includes multimedia content like photos and videos.


Trip Context Requirements
One of the top requests on our Trust & Safety Suggestion page was requiring guests to give more context about their trip. We heard you loud and clear. You can now set “Purpose of a Trip” as a required field before any potential guests can send you a message or booking request. Update your Booking Requirements.



We are also proud to announce another key member to our team. Today, Monroe Labouisse joins Airbnb as the Director of Customer Support, after 10 years at eBay and PayPal where he managed consumer protection programs.


Built for you


When we started Airbnb, we originally built the features we needed to use our own service. Now, with a community in 17,000 cities and 190 countries, it’s become less about what we want, and more about what you need. Over the last two weeks, I have personally received close to 3,000 emails from our community. I can’t tell you how much this means to us. We will continue to work hard everyday, remembering that Airbnb is built for you. You inspire us as much now as you did when we were only three guys, starting Airbnb in our apartment. We are at your service, now and always.

Thank you for being a part of this amazing community. Sincerely,

Brian Chesky
Co-Founder and CEO