No, We’re Not Punking You – Ashton joins the Airbnb team!

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Ashton Kutcher Talks With Charlie Rose At TechCrunch Disrupt by Zennie Abraham. CC BY-ND License 

For many, Ashton Kutcher is an actor and heartthrob, but in the tech scene he’s made his mark as a branding and new media expert with an eye for great ideas and a fearless approach to new markets. To the Airbnb team, he is more than an icon – he is now our ally and trusted advisor.

That’s right. It’s official. Ashton Kutcher – the man whose social media savvy made him a Twitter force to be reckoned with – has announced that he has made a significant investment in Airbnb and will be joining the team as a strategic advisor. The actor and angel investor’s love of science and technology is nothing new, but he has taken a fascination with tech to new heights with his avid approach to brand marketing and social media. From scavenger hunts through the streets of Austin to promote Nikon cameras, to raising awareness for the Sundance Film Festival with reality TV, Ashton’s branding initiatives set new standards for brand engagement through technology.

With his incredible wit and personality, Ashton Kutcher has shown the world the power social media has on emerging brands and in developing strong, passionate communities. With Ashton on board, we’ll be working together to take our community engagement to the next level and expand our international presence to reach more people from different cultures all over the world. It’s an exciting time for us. Airbnb has pioneered an industry and broken new ground as a trusted community marketplace where people from all over the world can discover and book unique spaces from people anywhere in the world. Now it’s time to expand and time to bring our concept to communities on an international scale.

Help us warmly welcome Ashton to the Airbnb team in the comments below!

More thoughts from our CEO, Brian Chesky, and our newest advisor, Ashton Kutcher, can be found in their exclusive interview with the New York Times.



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  1. DanielCole

    That’s awesome. congratulations.

  2. stoermy


  3. dasean

    That’s pretty sweet will he be putting an apartment on Airbnb? I know know great marketing idea … that ones for free lol

  4. Thomas Loverro


  5. Lili

    Welcome, Ashton! If you ever want to visit Vancouver I will gladly give you a discount to stay on my listing :)

  6. Paul Graham

    Welcome AK!

  7. J

    It’s pretty cool that AK is now involved with ABNB. Also, is it just me, or does this post sound really press-releasy and un-down-to-earth?

  8. _anoop

    You’ve come a long way from Obama-O’s! Congrats guys

  9. d

    now your team is good-looking and rich. everyone hates you now. jk ;)

  10. ashton kutcher

    couldn’t be happier to help.

  11. Nate

    This news: cool.The way it was written: gross. Over the top doesn’t even begin.Solution: Remove copywriter from reality distortion field, subtract 2/3 of ingested caffeine, and dial the hype-ometer WAY down. Press releases masquerading as blog posts don’t have to sound like a C- in PR 101.

  12. zombalscience

    Great news, great company.

  13. Jeff

    Next time, find someone to write your press releases who isn’t a teenage girl. The sycophantic gushing makes me queasy. "incredible wit and personality" — really?

  14. Dude

    You make it sound like AirBnB is run by a bunch of clueless idiots.I have no beef with Ashton Kutcher, he’s never done anything offensive, and if he wants to invest in AirBnB, that’s fine.But to act as if he’s a "Strategic advisor" just makes you look stupid. To sell part of your company to someone based on their star power makes you look fiscally irresponsible. (We don’t know the terms but your gushing makes it look like you gave away a sweetheart deal for the ability to post his name in your blog.) Add that to the decision to go from being the eBay of sofas to chasing the "dream" of renting million dollar islands and your starting to make me question my "VCs should never replace founders" prejudice.

  15. CG

    With almost 7 million twitter followers and 9 million facebook friends, Ashton is going to bring Airbnb to a much wider audience. This will make the website even better for all of us who use it because there will be many more amazing spaces to choose from as it goes "mainstream." Go Airbnb! :D

  16. jtal

    oh my obama o’s

  17. Joe

    When can I stay on his couch?

  18. silentmax

    one thing to capitalize on this is to have ashton go around the world on a youtube like show going around places filming and staying at places airbnb style. thats a travel show i would watch. a travel show from a backpackers point of view. travel on the cheap traveling while young. and enjoying the real places to visit and not be stuck on a tour/hotel/tourist trap world.

  19. pclind1

    Fantastic, then he can be the first to rent an entire island in Phuket, Thailand! Welcome to the Airbnb Lounge, sit back and relax and enjoy your flight. :)

  20. Dan

    Hey Silentmax…that show is called AirTV – :)

  21. nikki d

    I don’t like the fact your service is highly populated with commercial providers, even RESORTS. This is not what your entrance video suggests, something that hints at impropriety. How different are you from except to offer non-commercial freelance operators who probably don’t even pay taxes on earnings !

  22. jtal

    Nikki D. have you used airbnb? Its different from because I get to stay in better locations than I’d get in a hotel, often for a better price, with better amenities. If you havent tried it, you should give it a try. The experience just has a different feel than a hotel stay.

  23. David

    Why doesn’t this site discuss safety issues?

  24. Sierra Falso

    This is GREAT news, we are new host to AirBnB, I was hoping AirBnB would be our little secret (to keep host competition low)… But AirBnB is so unique it leaves room for everyone to be mutually profitable still giving guests great value… This is one of those ideas that we are kicking ourselves for not thinking of first… brilliant… Urgg….

  25. berlininfo95

    Next time, find someone to write your press releases who isn’t a teenage girl. The sycophantic gushing makes me queasy. "incredible wit and personality" — really?

  26. Geo

    I am just thrilled to be part of one of the world class Airbnb host teams. With the flight crew, tech crew and leaders, have taught playing fair, working hard, is fun and very, very, rewarding. Special Thank You to one of the Flight Crew Leaders, who have helped me out, and she knows who she is.Smiles and Grins,Geo

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  30. commentarie

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  31. commentarie

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  32. Deals Monkey

    thrilled to be part of one of the world class Air Ben host teams..