Hey users! How has your weekbeen? The weekend is closing in on us… have any of you made anytravel plans for a quick little getaway?

The AirBed&Breakfast Team have been moving fast and furious withupdates to the site over the past week. They’ve been listening to yourconcerns, your feedback, your tips and have added features in responseto help you with your hosting and your travels.

Did you know…

You can now set your listing availability to show to other users whenthey can/cannot book to stay with you? This saves you time explainingthrough messages why you had to (unfortunately) decline a guest’srequest. Useful, huh?

With so many people trying to book rooms, these days, maybe you couldhelp by spreading the word to your friends. Let them know what adifference they could make by sharing a little bit of their space tosomeone from out of town. A little word can go a long way. You neverknow who you could be helping out, just by letting them stay.

Sharing a little bit of air, that’s
AirBed&Breakfast Girl: I’m an AirBed&Breakfast traveler… areyou?