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Airbnb is a community on the go. Whether you’re a host or a traveler, you deserve the tools that make your Airbnb experience smooth, efficient, and fun—tools you can access anywhere, anytime.

It’s time to get them.

We’re proud to introduce the all-new Airbnb app for your mobile phone. It’s completely rebuilt, from the inside out.

The new Airbnb mobile experience reflects our community’s passion for amazing experiences. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect.

Host Home

Host Home

Hosting should be easy and enjoyable. That’s the premise behind our new Host Home. Think of Host Home as your hosting mentor—always there when you need it. Host Home provides you the right information at the right moment, from coaching you through listing a space to allowing you to effortlessly manage multiple bookings. Hosting on Airbnb has never been such a snap.

immersive design

Immersive design

With larger, more dynamic images, easily navigable maps, and thoughtful animations, the Airbnb app brings the sharing experience to life like never before.

Hospitality Standards

Hospitality Standards

Airbnb hosts provide the ultimate hospitality by welcoming people into their homes. We’ve pulled together the nine secrets to amazing hospitality that our expert hosts practice every day. These standards are the foundation for successful hosts around the world.

Host GroupsHost Groups

Great communities learn from each other, share stories, and forge united identities. Our new Host Groups allow hosts to easily connect with others in their neighborhoods.

Discover feed

Inspired travel

The new Airbnb app is all about making travel dreams come true. The cornerstone of the new traveler experience is the Discover feed, which showcases our community’s most inspiring, amazing properties—from lofts to treehouses and castles. Travelers can explore spaces by destination, by theme, or by trip type. And, because Airbnb is about making the world accessible, the new app simplifies the booking process—so actually getting into these spaces is just a few taps away.

Download our new app today, and let us know what you think!


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  1. Alexandre

    Horrible APP.. WHERE IS THE RESERVATIONS SECTION…. The old one was nice and easy to see when your guests were arriving…. HORRIBLE APP

    • Airbnb

      Hi Alexandre. You can find all of your upcoming reservations in the Host Home. The first picture above shows what you should see in the Host Home. If your reservations aren’t populating when you open the app for the first time, fully close the app and open it again. If you;re still experiencing difficulty, drop us a note at https://www.airbnb.com/help/contact_us and we’ll be happy to help.

      • Wu

        The old one was easy check who and when the guests check-in and check-out.the new one could find it any more.so bad

      • Hugo

        Please return to the old reservations section, the information shown on HOST HOME it’s not practical at all.

        • Lee Howard

          AGREED! Give us back the old app or fix this one

  2. Jeremy Lindström

    With the new app all I can see is the new host home and all the new attributes. That’s cool, and I can see how that’s useful to high frequency hosts but now I don’t know how to browse listings. I’m missing something somewhere. I spend as much time on this app browsing listings as others do playing Candy Crush or Angry Birds. How on earth do I access and search listings?

  3. Lee Howard

    I agree with Alexandre HORRIBLE APP. DO SOMETHING!. Your online event promised airbnb would be more responsive to feedback. RESPOND!

  4. Grant

    Mobile app will not allow you to leave a review (even when clicking on the email link from Airbnb to do so). The only way to do this is to login to a desktop version of the webpage. The mobile webpage does not work either. The other annoying issue is theapp switches orientation on both my phone and tablet when clicking through from the front page to a deeper page if you start out in landscape.

  5. Lee Howard

    Hello, Anyone there? A month has passed since the new mobile app was released. There has been nothing but negative response to it here. Hopefully tech is busy working out the shortcomings.

  6. Chris Goodfellow

    Search Results for: It’s sooooo slow also. Also the app always says I have a bunch of messages in the alert bubble but I already read them but they stay in the priority area until the date has passed on inquiries. Update is really good looking but a major step backwards for utility.

  7. Carla

    Although I like the design of the new Airbnb app, I agree with the most of the previous comments: this new version is not functional at all and seems to me that it’s not synchronized with the desktop version: if I answer to a request using the desktop version, the mobile app keeps showing me the alert of a non-answered message and it makes me mad!
    It’s really difficult to find the different sections and, when I get a request, I need to find the closest desktop computer to deal with it, so the mobile app is not useful anymore.
    Why put the highlights on the tips about how to be a great host? They are great tips, but it shouldn’t be the main purpose of a mobile app. Keep it in the desktop version. The mobile app should be a way of making easier to everybody to deal with messages and requests, to find a nice place to stay and see the ranking of the possible host.
    Sorry, but, for me, this is not working. Are you planning to so something to correct this and please your hosts?

  8. Rick

    Apps for the iPhone and Android devices are great, however, there are OTHER devices that people travel with, such as the B&N Nook which, although is technically an ANDROID device, it has been massaged so much by B&N that many apps available through Google Play are incompatible with this device. AIRBNB IT guys…how about modifying it, or working through B&N to make it available through the B&N app store so I can use this app when I travel. I don’t travel with my smart phone internationally; you ever check out what ATT charges for a “data plan” while outside the good ‘ol USA? Thanks.

  9. Liz

    Two things frustrate me most w/ the new app. One is that the mobil Airbnb doesn’t seem to since w/ the online Airbnb. I respond on my desktop computer and the mobil app still shows that I need to respond. That’s annoying.
    The second is that when I receive an inquiry or booking request, I can’t get info on the person. What’s up w/ that?

    • Liz

      Sync, not “since!” Sorry for the spelling error.

  10. Key Butler

    Hi.. i think the app is working well on most parts. However 2 parts are really irritating. First and most important is that info-request keep appearing (as new) until you have pre-approved or declined someone. This way it’s harder to keep track of anything new and also it’s making the little ‘priority’ page polluted.
    Second it’s sometimes hard to find a ‘new’ message, as it can be in the different parts of the app. You should be able to click on messages and go straight to the right ‘new’ message.

    That’s all.. keep up the good work!

  11. Bob

    love airbnb…please offer landscape mode for iPad.