Need a new Wallet? Here’s one we think you’ll love.

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Admit it: you’re a bit sick of rifling through your frayed old wallet to find the credit card that somehow got sandwiched between sixteen partially used gift cards and that old if-I-play-three-more-rounds-I-get-a-free-round Mini Golf E-Z Loyalty Card. When did you even get that card? High school?


We have a wallet we think you’ll like better. Partly because Google made it.

Today, we’re happy to feature the new Google Wallet as part of the Airbnb Android app. Google Wallet users will be able to sign on using their Google accounts and complete purchases in a flash—without having to bust out a single credit card.

The data whizzes at Google keep your financial information safe and secure, and you’re completely protected against unauthorized purchases.

To kickstart your exploration of Google Wallet, Airbnb and Google are offering a discount of $20 for anyone who makes a purchase using Google Wallet. Can your wallet do that?

So if you don’t have it already, download the Airbnb app from Google Play (it’s free, of course) and start exploring!




About Vivek Wagle

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  1. Stephen Maier

    This $20 credit is not working correctly on the Android App. Please look into it. I used it a few weeks ago and it worked seamlessly, but not I think the updated App has broken it. It still shows the $20 credit if you use google wallet but doesn’t actually give it to you.