My Life on Airbnb: Day 4

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Location: Mission, San Francisco
Hosts: Andrew

Cleanliness: 5/5 stars
Host interaction: 5/5 stars
Neighborhood:  3/5 stars
House: 4/5 stars
Room: 5/5 stars

My favorite part: Awesome host, grandiose bedroom, fireplace and jacuzzi.
My least favorite part: Immediate neighborhood is not too exciting.

Andrew is founder of 30words. The news station that was covering us was ABC 7. Stay tuned for the link to the story once its posted.

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logo-thumbnail-blue About Airbnb

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  1. Lauren Nicholl

    What an awesome way to help pay the rent and take a trip!

  2. elfreda Chan

    this is funny; i’ve been to that apartment before to cook lunch and prepare dinner! lol.