Location: Mastro, San Francisco
Listing: http://www.airbnb.com/rooms/12522
Host: Brenda

Cleanliness:  5/5 Stars
Host interaction:  5/5 Stars
Neighborhood:   4/5 Stars
House: 5/5 Stars
Room:  4/5 Stars

My favorite part: Beautiful home with amazing attention to detail. The rooms are exquisitely furnished. Awesome host!
My least favorite part: The bed was a little small; certainly not suitable for couples.

Brenda is a living embodiment of the culture of openness that is Airbnb. Being a lifelong traveler, she is accustomed to having one’s home opened to her, and was an early advocate of Airbnb, reciprocating this activity. She has a great sense of design that comes through every detail of her home. Finally, there are some great restaurants in the neighborhood.