My Life on Airbnb: Day 2

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Location: Nob Hill, San Francisco
Hosts: Alyssa & Nicholas 

My favorite part: Sharing my love of art with fellow artists. Also, checking out Alyssa’s awesome “Kwerks” -
My least favorite part: Walking up the huge hills (I guess they call it Nob HILL for a reason)

* This is the listing that Nicholas & Alyssa won at the Airbnb Party last month:

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logo-thumbnail-blue About Airbnb

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  1. nicferrier

    very cool. this is *such* a good idea. It’s like grown up sleepovers. well, not *that* sort of grown up. Is it as harmonious in the AM?

  2. Eric

    Good luck on your journey, and look forward to more of your travelogue episodes ~ real, reality TV ;-)