What better way to meet your fellow hosts than with a belly full of eggs, mimosa in hand, and sun shining gloriously! As the Airbnb community discovered at last Sunday, this may be just the golden formula. Guests converged at hot SOMA hashery, Radius, to share their experiences, exchange expert tips, and hobnob with members of the Airbnb team. Many thanks to all who joined us!

The stories we heard from hosts were just remarkable: some now able to cover their mortgages due to a steady stream of guests, others recalled guests who’d left a handmade note and a bottle of wine – they described making real connections to people. By welcoming others into homes not only do we show them a unique side to our cities, but draw upon our own local knowledge to enrich a traveler’s experience. Time and again, the thoughtfulness and dynamism of the community inspires us. 

Notice those lightning bolt badges? In September, we launched the SuperHost program to recognize Airbnb’s extraordinary hosts! These folks are great hospitality personified. Think you belong with the pros? The SuperHost Alliance awaits you…