Wow. It’s been a fantastic weekend of wish-making and wish-granting.

We’re thrilled that you’ve been creating Wish Lists right and left. With such a response, it’s tempting for us to sit back and watch you continue to amaze us.

But we’re not the sitting-back type. That’s why we’ve had a chat with our friends at Rent the Runway in order to bring you the best Wish List challenge yet.

Rent the Runway is right up our alley. As pioneers of collaborative consumption for your wardrobe, they have provided “Cinderella moments” for woman around the country. Founder Jenn Hyman, an avid traveler, has put together a list of highly fashionable Airbnb spaces in her Fashion Forward Wish List.


This is where it gets really good.Today’s contest – the last one! – is unbelievable. Several lucky winners will get $25 Rent the Runway gift cards or $50 Airbnb travel credit to use on a future trip. Tip: Be sure to follow the @RenttheRunway twitter feed closely for these.

But today, our Grand Prize winner will score an entire month of free fashion and $300 in Airbnb travel credit. If pairing the perfect dress with the perfect pads sounds good to you, you won’t want to miss this contest.

Use Jenn’s fashionable Wish List as inspiration for creating your own fashion-forward Wish List. Share it via Twitter (remembering to tag it #lovemywishlist) by 9pm California time TODAY. And you could win. It’s that simple.

Full details are on Rent the Runway’s blog.

So get wishing, and we’ll get to work on those fashion dreams of yours!