Brian (on the left) and I had a chance to catch up with the new RISD President John Maeda recently in San Francisco, CA. He was in town to give a keynote at the Web 2.0 conference only a few blocks from our office. We enjoyed sharing the latest news about Airbnb, and he responded with incredible enthusiasm for three guys (two RISD and one Harvard grad) changing an industry from the ground up. He was keenly observant during our chat, asking insightful questions about start-ups and our RISD experiences. We expressed how unique the environment was, with professors encouraging us to think big, and solve problems from original angles. The Office of Student Life taught us about starting and running organizations. Combine these together, and Airbnb is really an extension of our time at RISD, a convergence of design and business. His document titled Creative Leadership sums it all up. We appreciate his support, and maybe one day you’ll even be able to stay at his house during your next trip to Providence, RI.