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Chapter 2 – Introducing verifications options for profiles, LinkedIn & Twitter Connect, and the Airbnb Photobooth. 

On Monday, we made a commitment to you. We launched our new Trust & Safety Center ( that laid out our vision for trust and safety on Airbnb. In conjunction, we announced the Airbnb Guarantee, which will provide up to $50,000 in coverage for property damage, new profiles, and a line directly to me, the CEO -

We want to continue to earn your trust, and we understand this is a long-term commitment. Many of the features we will be releasing in the coming weeks are features that will strengthen communication and indentity on Airbnb. We will be annoucing further product developments here on the blog, and today we are proud to announce three new features: verification options for profiles, LinkedIn & Twitter Connect, and the Airbnb Photobooth.

Verification Features

In addition to the new profiles which went live on Monday, we’ve also added verification features to member profiles. Build your reputation and validate your identity in a few easy steps by verifying your phone number and connecting your profile to popular social networks, Facebook and LinkedIn. Login and get started here.


LinkedIn Connect

 You can now connect your Airbnb account with the world’s largest professional network. Connecting with LinkedIn builds confidence between guests and hosts by establishing a link to your professional life.


Twitter Connect

Validate your Twitter account on Airbnb and add another level of trust to your Airbnb profile. Stay tuned for exciting updates with our Twitter integration.




Trusted profile photos made easy. Hosts often ask for more profile photos and now with Photobooth, members can take profile photos using their webcam directly inside of Airbnb. Snap a photo now.


This is just the beginning. What started as three of us in an apartment has exploded into a movement that has changed the way people connect. But without trust, Airbnb simply doesn’t work. Our efforts toward trust and security don’t stop here, so vote on new features that you would like us to build and you may just see them in my next blog post.


Brian Chesky

CEO, Airbnb





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  1. LukeBornheimer

    WOW! Awesome additions and this will go a long way in making verification easier and more transparent. Keep up the good work!

  2. Shawanda

    Glad you’re making this happen. I was getting concerned there – even though I’ve had nothing less than fabulous experiences as an Airbnb host and guest. Well, there was that one crazy lady in New York, but she wasn’t dangerous, just annoying.

  3. Bubut Key

    Awesome. You make me proud to be a part of Airbnb. Question: I have been positively reviewed as a guest but have not been a host yet. Can’t I be verified for my positive guest reviews? Thanks.

  4. Brian

    Quick turn around, very impressive. You truly care about your customers! Now get some rest …

  5. Lainey

    I had a huge problem with a "guest" I had to ask to leave on Memorial Day weekend after all the people and production she brought to my home and back yard. She was resistant to leaving and I had to get my neighbor to come over and keep me company as I was afraid of her and her false representation of herself on your site. It’s all documented – her user name is or was AlanRothmueller but don’t know what it is now. She was creepy and gave false information in re to her identity and her purposes to stay here. Now I find that my BIRTH CERTIFICATE is missing from my desk – a week after she was asked to vacate my premises. !!!!! Now what am I supposed to do?

  6. Jennifer

    So impressed with the efforts you’re taking to protect the community. I’m feeling safer on AirBnB than on Craigslist. Thanks!

  7. BBMom

    I want to thank all of you who have been so completely supportive of the Airbnb burglary victim who the world has come to know as “EJ”. Why am I so thankful? Because she is my little sister.On December 17, 2008, I found my husband, former Houston Astros pitcher Dave Smith, at home, completely unresponsive. He had had a heart attack. Although paramedics were called and he was rushed to the hospital, my husband did not make it. I was suddenly a young widow, 38 years old, with four small children ages 11, 9, 5 and 13 months. What would I do? How could I handle this shock? How could I do this alone? I was a complete wreck, and my entire family came over to offer their support. My father said, “don’t worry. On Friday, everything will be better.” I asked, “what happens on Friday?” and he answered, “your sister will be here.”Boy was he right! EJ stopped everything she was doing. She booked a flight to come and be with my children and me. She stayed with me for 6 weeks, working late at night and very early in the morning so that she could help me throughout each difficult day. She woke up with the baby EVERY single morning. She bathed her, dressed her, fed her and took care of her. She planned the memorial service, wrote the obituary, wrote and printed the programs, put out “fires” all over the place, dealing with people and hungry press. She was there for my children and me and has continued to be a great source of support in my life.She regularly visits our two grandmothers and even treated one to the Prince concert a few years back! (Yes, my 93-year-old grandma loves Prince) She has made family a priority. My 7-year-old daughter adores her and calls her “Auntie Brownie” because each and every time she visits, she bakes brownies with her. She is smart, funny, cultured, worldly, and a very family oriented person.Although everyone is entitled to their opinion, it has been very frustrating for me to read some of the comments written about EJ and how she may be lying or greedy or just made up this whole story for attention. It is true, there are so many bad guys out there. People who want attention at the expense of someone else, people who are money hungry, vandals, liars and criminals. My sister is far from any of that. And when people like Paul Graham and Robert Scoble had the arrogance and nerve to speak out as they did and encourage so many out there to doubt her, I couldn’t stand it any longer. And so I wanted to take this opportunity to try and shed some light as to the type of person my sister EJ really is.I can personally attest to the fact that she has done NOTHING other than speak the truth from the beginning. I would not wish her situation on my worst enemy. I certainly do not wish it for her. Our family now is just doing whatever we can to keep her well as she deals with all of this. Please keep up the amazing support and thank you.

  8. Mindy Kalper

    your co-founder sounds like a real class act! Asking somebody who has just been violated to take down a blog. Stay classy, guys!

  9. safety

    very nice post and i think it is very useful. carry on. i like it

  10. Ron

    The phone verification is useful, although the implementation seems flawed. I’ve been waiting for 10 mins for the SMS and am held up in sending my message to a host. There’s no method to verify that I didn’t key in the incorrect tel # nor to have a SMS re-sent. So I’m stuck….

  11. Harold

    It was a reason for me to no longer use AirBnB. Most people may be idiots but it doesn’t have to be me. Who on earth will allow AirBnB or jumio or any other 3rd party to store my government issued documents without knowing exactly for how long, where, how it is stored and how it can be purged. That’s just identity theft 2.0 waiting to happen. Not with me. That’s for sure.

    This is the most disrespectful and intrusive method I have come across in my life. And that just for a B&B? I guess the crisis must be severe that desperate people will do anything to save a buck.