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Every day, we are amazed at the stories created by the Airbnb community. When a traveler shares a home with a host, what happens can be nothing short of inspiring.

We want to share these stories with the world. Everyone should know about Tama, a host from New York who was able to remain in her home despite being hit hard by the financial crisis. And Jonathan, a Los Angeles host who gets to spend more time with his family and ceramic studio because of hosting.

That’s why we created Airbnb Stories—a new part of Airbnb dedicated to sharing the incredible experiences and meaningful trips of the Airbnb community.

So dive in. We’d love to know what you think. And, most importantly, we want to hear your story.


About Vivek Wagle

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  1. Jim Holm

    There are many thorny insurance issues regarding the “sharing economy”. I’m a large insurance agent with several of the largest insurance companies. In many cases “sharing” your home or your car could result in your coverage being negated. Talk to your agent. The problems surrounding Airbnb are not too drastic, however the problems involved in the “ride sharing” auto programs that really are livery could be catastrophic. Read your terms of service.

  2. Bianca

    We are spending a year living and travelling in Europe and airbnb has single handedly changed our experience. We are only 4 months in and we have already had 6 amazing airbnb experiences. Here is a blog post I wrote explaining the joy of airbnb: “The world according to airbnb” before we even left Australia. Thank you!

  3. Barbora

    Airbnb changed my life. I studied hotel management, but didn´t end up doing it. With airbnb I have the oportunity to run my own small “hotel”. I have already 3 apartements in centre of Prague Czech republic. I run the last one together with my father who currently lost his job and now one will give him change, because at his 60s he is already too old for all the companies. I am glad he joined me and he work really hard to make our guests happy :-). We just enjoy doing AIRBNB.

    • Aron Geller

      Hi Barbora, perfect experience! Congratulations! :-)