How to wish on 2 million hearts

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Not that long ago, we celebrated the one millionth Wish List created on Airbnb.

And now that we’ve hit the two-million milestone, we thought it would be a great time to reflect on how we got here.

Creating Wish Lists was truly a team effort. We were inspired by what you – our community – were already doing. You showed us that Airbnb was a place to dream, browse, and discover, not just to search and book.

We followed your lead. This is what we did next.

Airbnb – The Making of Wish Lists from Airbnb on Vimeo.



About Vivek Wagle

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  1. Kathy Millard

    I keep trying to change the postal code for the house that I want to rent which you keep putting in incorrectly. It is Toronto M5M 1W5 not 1W6. This way, I hope you won’t insist that my neighbourhood is Bedford Park which no one who is new to Toronto has heard of, but put central Toronto instead ( which happens to be the truth.) Even I coud not find myself this way. Please, someone, listen and make the correction. You can phone me at 416 787-0803if this is not clear. P.S. the map is misleading too.Kathy Millard