How To Make A Special Offer

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In the event that a host and traveler have negotiated a different price than what is advertised on the listing page, a host can make the guest a Special Offer via the messaging system on the site. To do so, open the message thread with the traveler and click on the drop-down that says "click for other actions", which is located below the blank message box. From the drop-down, select "Make Special Offer".


In the Special Offer field that then appears, specify which property is being offered, the start date of the guest's stay, the number of nights and number of guests, and the total cost of the entire reservation. Don't forget, the total cost should be the price for the entire stay, not the price per night. Once these fields have been filled out, a short message can be included if need. After these fields have been completed, click on "Post Response".


The Special Offer has now been made. For this offered price to be processed in the reservation, the guest must book by clicking on "Book Using Special Offer", which appears at the bottom of the Special Offer message.


If the guest books the Special Offer within 24 hours after it has been offered, the reservation will immediately be processed as accepted. If more than a 24 hour time period has elapsed, the host will receive a reservation request, which then needs to be accepted or denied.

Special Offers are also effective if you would like to include a cleaning fee in the total price of a reservation, which is in addition to the price per night.

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  1. Doug Beube

    How do I change payment to my bank for payment default.

  2. Sabrina Candido

    Hi, I’ve posted a special offer but along with the message is a service fee. I’m not charging for service. Why did it showed up? How do i delete it?kind regards

  3. rebecca

    like Sabrina above, I see the service fee. Is this is an airbnb fee? What is it for? Can this be deleted?

  4. Moira

    same question, it is including a service fee, which I do not list. Please reply!

  5. Erick Meneguelli

    What is with this service fee?? i’m having the same doubts. When i made my special offer it apeers along and it’s not cheap. I’m affraid it might compromise my transactions with the guests.Please reply!!

  6. Stephen Tafel

    Same question, what are the services fee? Is that charged to me or guest? either way it is quite high.

  7. Silvia

    John Y, llamame y hablamos de cuando quieres venir, la habitacion sigue libre, espero notiv¡cias tuyas. 659232351

  8. tomichi

    I emailed support and got this answer:——————————————–All guests are charged a 6-12% service fee. They agree to this when they sign up for Airbnb in our Terms of Use. Normally hosts don’t see the service fee on the reservation, as it is shown to the guest when requesting a reservation. But when special offers are sent out by hosts, the service fee appears in the total price. ———————————————So basically you need to fill in your total price (of course the discounted price!) in the field above your message (overwrite the suggested amount, that amount seems to be a nonsense value).The service fee will then be added automatically when you press the reply button, the guest will have to pay it to airbnb.

  9. cheryl

    A guest wants to book 3 nights and it shows as "pending" on my calendar. However, when I click on the "special offer" tab when sending a message back, it will not honor the request and send the message. If this is the pending guest, why can’t I give them a special offer while its pending?

  10. charles Levine

    Same as Cheryl’s…When reservation request is pending My emails offering a "special offer" aren’t sent. I’ve spent quite a long time in responding emails and they never get sent and I lose the contents, it was very discouraging…

  11. Lindsey

    Is this feature still available? I can’t seem to access it anywhere on my account.