I was very impressed with the range of people there, it was great to feel like part of this whole other community.”  -Michele L, Brooklyn Host

This past weekend was a milestone in Airbnb history; our first official community-organized meetup took place in NYC! With the heroic efforts of our SuperHost Annie, generosity of Lisel and her Brooklyn brownstone, and enthusiasm of our NYC community, last Sunday’s soiree turned into an exemplary display of how to throw an Airbnb meetup. 

Taking cues from Annie and the gang we’ve outlined how you too can throw an Airbnb sponsored community get-together:

Create the event-
  1. Declare your interest in organizing a meetup- Contact party@airbnb.com with subject line, “I want to throw a meetup!”
  2. Propose a purpose- Who is this meetup for (hosts, guests, everyone)? Why do you want to get this group together (discuss how to be a better host, casually meet over drinks, explain to new members what it’s like)?
  3. Set a date and time- During the day? On the weekend? 
  4. Find a location- Search through your city to find an Airbnb location you’d like to throw the event at and we’ll put you in touch (hint: search for amenity “Suitable for Events”).

Preparing for the event-

  1. Feed your guests- Will there be alcohol? Will catering be necessary? Or, is it a chance for Airbnb-ers to show off their cooking genius with a potluck dinner?
  2. Prepare your guests- Are there any special directions or notes to send to the guests prior to the day of the meetup? Provide us info and we’ll get it to the right people.
  3. Inform your guests- Want to print handouts? Name tags? We have some suggestions but tell us what you envision your Airbnb meetup to look like.

At the event-

  1. Snap some pictures- Let’s document and share your experiences with the global Airbnb community.
  2. Gather feedback- We want to know how to improve Airbnb for everyone, from the streets of NYC to the hills of Morocco, and unfortunately we can’t be in thousands of places at once.
  3. Have fun- You’ll be amazed at the number of different and amazing people who live right in your backyard!
Not ready to throw a meetup but interested in being involved in your local Airbnb community? Offer your place or culinary skills for future meetups by emailing party@airbnb.com and keep a lookout for email invitations to attend an event near you!