How To Cancel A Reservation

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In the event that your travel plans fall through and you have to cancel an upcoming reservation, you can do so from your Airbnb account. Simply log in to your account, click on “Traveling” from your dashboard, and click on “Upcoming Trips”. 


Then, under your accepted reservation, click on “Cancel Reservation”. Please be sure to review your host’s cancellation policy prior to canceling! You will be refunded in accordance with this policy. A reservation is successfully canceled when you receive a cancellation confirmation e-mail from Airbnb. If you do not receive this e-mail, or if you and the host agree to other arrangements regarding the cancellation, please contact Airbnb customer support at


logo-thumbnail-blue About Airbnb

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  1. Josefin Hempel

    I want to cacel my accommodation in NYC but it doesn`t work.What do I have to do?

  2. Roger Dickinson

    I want to cancel my reservation for wed august 17 and aug 18 at res details T8ST2F—Johan Svensson home in Stockholm Sweden