When it comes to numbers, there are some we can never expect to really comprehend (Avagadro’s, how many stars there are in the universe), but we hope to demystify some of the ones peppered on Airbnb, enabling you to control and use these to your great advantage.

Response Rate

This handy percentage is located on your profile page, sharing with the world how quickly a host respond to messages. It’s easy to keep it up – simply respond to any and all inquiries that come your way. If you don’t have one yet, don’t worry, it will kick in once you’ve been reached out to regularly. Guests tell us that they prefer messaging with hosts with higher response rates because it indicates a certain level of activity on the site – making them feel secure about booking . So make it a habit to check those inboxes!


Search Ranking

All of our hosts have a “ranking” which determines where their property shows up in search results. This ultimately affects how many people see the listing, and as you know, more exposure means more bookings. We encourage you to increase this number by completing your profile, accepting reservations promptly and offering a competitive price. Your ranking can also be negatively affected by declining and canceling reservations, so prevent this by keeping your calendar up to date. (You can find your ranking by logging in > clicking hosting > promote).



Give us a shout at support@airbnb.com if you have any questions. Happy hosting!