Every day, from Alaska to Zimbabwe and every destination in between, hosts around the world are creating unforgettable experiences for thousands of Airbnb travelers.

Take Nalin, an Airbnb host in New Delhi. He’s thoughtfully aware of the impact his hospitality can have on visitors—and on himself. “Being a host is a responsibility,” he said. “Nothing gives you joy like making someone happy. If you can make someone feel special, that is immense.”

To inspire hosts like Nalin to make their shared experiences with guests even more out-of-this-world, Airbnb carefully curated a list of nine Hospitality Standards.

Why nine? No earth-shattering reason, really. But we will say that if you follow all nine standards, you’ll be one perfect 10 of a host and more likely to rack up rave reviews. You could also think of the standards as your ultimate personal checklist for helping you attain and maintain the coveted five-star rating that guests look for.

Now it’s high time you get to know each hospitality standard. After all, the quicker you get acquainted, the sooner success is bound to come knocking at your door (AKA more bookings!).

Salzburg hospitality


Be sure everything (and the kitchen sink) in your listing—photos, details, house rules, pricing—accurately reflects what guests will experience. And don’t skimp on photos. Listings with better photos get more bookings.

> Did you know? Airbnb offers free professional photography. ’Tis true. Check to see if your location is covered.


Keep in touch! Get to know your guest’s travel plans so you can personalize their experience. Download the Airbnb app to respond to guests from wherever you are in the world. Respond to all inquiries and reservation requests within 24 hours.

> Tip: Hosts who respond in less than 12 hours get twice as many bookings per month.


Manage your calendar meticulously. Find the right match for your space by setting criteria and using Instant Book. Get to know your guests before saying yes.

> Did you know? Hosts who keep their availability calendars up to date receive 5 times more bookings than those who don’t.


If you can’t keep a reservation, keep it classy and contact your would-be guest pronto. Apologize profusely and bend over backwards to find back-up accommodations. Don’t forget to officially cancel online, too.

> Tip: Use Groups to help find an available host.


Clean as if royalty were on their way for a slumber party. The cleaner your space, the more glowing your review.

> Did you know? Listings with 5-star cleanliness ratings receive 20% more bookings.


Fresh bedding, towels, soap, and toilet paper are a must. Always, always have them available upon arrival. Plus feel free to add your own little luxuries, too, like maps, wine, locally roasted coffee beans, aromatherapy diffuser.

> Tip: To boost your “star” power, leave your guest a vase of fresh-cut flowers.


Show ’em your world-class hospitality with a prompt check-in time, transportation tips, and a tour of your space.

> Tip: Guests live for outside-the-box travel activities. Teach them how to eat, dance, and bungee-jump like a local.  


Check in on guests, be easily accessible, and go way out of your way to offer alternatives if things don’t flow according to plan. Our world isn’t perfect. Pipes burst and ankles twist, but you have the power to help remedy these situations.

> Did you know? Guests who stayed with hosts who gracefully resolved an issue reported great experiences more frequently than those who never had an issue at all.


Write a review (compliment or constructive feedback) for guests within 14 days of checkout. Approach this as if you were writing a thank-you note or a friendly letter encouraging one how to be a better guest.

> Did you know? Guests are 70% more likely to review their host after their host reviews them.

 Roman hospitality

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