Holy Cow, Airbnb Hosts Go MOO

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Airbnb hosts will be able to get their moo on with Airbnb’s new partnership with MOO, an online printing service that provides premium, design-minded products. MOO is offering Airbnb hosts a free pack of 50 nifty, personalized property cards featuring photos of your listings!

Show off your digs to attract new guests, use the cards as the perfect conversation starter at social events, or pass them out to unknowing strangers when you’re out and about. The business cards come with a MOO watermark, and all you’ll have to cover is the shipping. Get started on promoting your listing and networking with potential referrals with your new MOO business cards here


logo-thumbnail-blue About Airbnb

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  1. Nuno Loureiro

    That’s awesome, but how do you upload the airbnb verified photos? We don’t really have access to the original photos and there’s no option on MOO’s website to upload from airbnb.

  2. Amy

    Hi, Nuno! I just right clicked on my photos, and selected "save to file," then saved them to my photo albums. Worked like a charm. Not sure if the resolution is going to be high enough for a print application, but I’ll find out soon enough. They look great on the preview. Amy

  3. Amy

    My question is, how do we get the discount? Don’t see a promo code and my order is showing the full price due.

  4. Nuno Loureiro

    Amy, I don’t think the size of the downloaded photo is suitable for printing. It’s way too small to print with good quality.

  5. Amy

    Ah, thought that might be the case. Too bad. Did you get the larger files from AirBnB yet? I wonder if they’ll require you to buy them from the photographer for any other purpose than use on their site? The cards are a great idea.

  6. Airbnb

    Amy, did you use this link? http://us.moo.com/partner/airbnb?utm_source=airbnb&utm_medium=partner&utm_campaign=FREE%2050%20Pack&utm_term=property%20cardsIt should take you directly into the free card flow. If you select standard shipping, that’ll be free, too!If you’re looking to use the photos taken by Airbnb, just shoot photography@airbnb.com an email and they’ll help you upload the images.

    • Oren

      Just tried it. It says Standard Shipping is $5.50…