Hello, world. It’s the Airbnb iPhone app!

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Bringing Airbnb’s exceptional properties to the iPhone. 
Ever had those moments when you must find perfect place to stay? They may come during a spontaneous weekend getaway or when planning an extended vacation – whenever the urge strikes you can find a place with Airbnb’s new iPhone app. What’s more, you’ll have exclusive access to our global Daily Steals allowing you to book incredible properties at 50-80% off!
Offering all of the thousands of distinctive properties on Airbnb.com, this palm-held tour de force is your scout, booking agent, and personal assistant all in one. Since August of 2008, Airbnb has been connecting people who have space to spare with those who are looking for a place to stay. The Airbnb App now allows anyone to list, discover, and book any of Airbnb’s inspiring properties – from a private apartment to a private island – directly from your mobile device.

Let us introduce you to the myriad of snazzy new features of the app that make finding a place to stay and renting out your own place effortless:
  • Search: Discover unique properties in 8,000+ cities in 170+ countries worldwide.
  • Collections: Browse our curated, themed Collections of inspiring properties for occasions, vacations or vicarious living
  • Deals: Score amazing properties at staggering discounts each day. Private island from your iPhone? Yes, please!
  • Messaging: Communicate with prospective hosts and guests from your Airbnb inbox.
  • Book: Reserve properties using your credit card directly from your fingertips, including ‘Find a Place, Tonight!’ for those last-minute trips.
  • Itinerary: Access your itinerary and host details, and get one-click directions to your destination.
  • Profiles: Check out the user profiles and reviews of prospective hosts and guests.
  • Host: Use ‘What’s My Place Worth’ to find out how much you can earn renting your space.

And for hosts, we’ve got a whole suite of special features to help you fill that calendar:

  • Snap Photos: Use the Airbnb App to take photos of your place and add them to your existing listing directly from you iPhone
  • Special offer: Receive a long-term inquiry? Inform prospective guests of custom pricing through our app.
  • Scheduling: Keep track of guest check-in/check-out at your property.
  • Accept/Decline: Confirm reservation requests when you’re on the go.

Download from the iTunes App store now!



logo-thumbnail-blue About Airbnb

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  1. andrew

    hey – cool deal. let us do some lucrative advertising within your app. talk to CC for details

  2. Valerie

    Yay! I was just wondering if you guys had an app – I’m currently traveling around France and this will be really helpful with last minute bookings. Downloading….now!

  3. Lou Mintzer

    Nice work on the app. Clever collections, nice property listing pages

  4. Ursula (NeedAnApp?.llc)

    Great App! Let us help you gain more exposure in creating your Android App, check our website http://www.NeedAnApp.netsite (in construction phase but available for information/specs/contact).

  5. Vikram Singh

    The Airbnb iPhone app is featured at http://www.appvamp.com! Anyone who downloads it will get paid 25 cents. (Thanks @jgebbia)

  6. Pavel Ollitervo-Murphy

    Any news on the Android app? Love the iPhone app and would love to see it on Android too!

  7. Mossimo

    This app sucks! It crashes a lot! Fix it assholes

  8. Vera

    HELLO, about the app for iPhone, the calendar doesn’t assume the availability changes.
    Will airbnb assume it in the near future?
    Thank you :)