We’re pretty excited.

Today we get to unveil a brand-new feature: Airbnb Wish Lists.

What are Wish Lists? Well, they’re a completely new way to discover amazing, unique spaces on Airbnb. Wish Lists let you explore beautiful collections of spaces created by others, save your favorite spaces, and share your creations with your friends seamlessly.

We hope you’ll get lost in Wish Lists. You’ll notice them immediately on our homepage, which now features some of the most beautiful properties on Airbnb.


Our Popular Wish Lists page lets you browse through an array of inspiring spaces curated by thought leaders such as Twitter and Square founder Jack Dorsey, actor and entrepreneur Ashton Kutcher, and designer Yves Béhar, as well as Wish Lists created by your friends and the Airbnb community.


And we are particularly proud of our Airbnb Picks, which feature knock-me-over Wish Lists such as collections of igloos, treehouses, caves, and even properties designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.


But most of all, Wish Lists are about YOU. They let you exercise your creative spirit and share your dreams with your friends.

Creating a Wish List is easy. We think you’ll find the experience intuitive, but in case you need instructions, here you go.

1. Head over to any listing page on Airbnb. (The experience is better if you’re logged in. If you’re not a member, you’ll need to sign up.) We encourage you to use Facebook Connect so that you’re able to discover your friends’ Wish Lists.

2. Browse through our listings. You can access listings from the home page, via search, or on our Popular Wish Lists page.

3. Anytime you see a listing that catches your eye – from these Wish Lists or anywhere on Airbnb.com – simply click on the listing image. Then click “Save to Wish List.”


4. You can save the Wish List to a default List (such as “Dream Homes”) or click “Create New” to make a unique title for your Wish List. Then click “Create” and hit “Done.”


5. Once you’ve created your Wish List, you’ll be prompted to save it. Add a note in the Note field if you like, and choose your privacy setting under the question “Who can see your new Wish List?” (You have two options: “Everyone” or “Only Me.”) Then click “Save.”


6. Keep going! Add listings to your Wish List. (When you find a listing you love, just click “Save to Wish List.”)

You can access all your Wish Lists anytime by clicking “My Wish Lists.”


We can’t wait for you to try out Wish Lists and tell us what you think. To get the ball rolling, we’re working with some world-class partners to provide you with fun rewards for creating your own Wish Lists. We’ll be telling you more about this soon.

So tell us what’s on your Wish List. We may have a surprise or two for you.