Today’s the first of May – May Day, observed in Great Britain and much of Europe.

May Day marks a pagan festival celebrating the beginning of spring. So to commemorate the occasion, we pulled together some of our favorite springy listings throughout the UK. All of these spaces feature some spectacular garden scenery.

However, something got lost in translation as we pulled these photographs across the Atlantic. Specifically, there is something quite wrong with two of these images.

Can you spot what’s gone amiss?

1. The Coach House in Westbourne, a lovely cottage in England’s South.


2. Craster Tower, where you can stay in a massive apartment that takes up the entire top floor of this noble edifice.


3. Church Farm Barns, tucked away in the Norfolk countryside.


4. A Chelsea maisonette, inhabiting one of London’s trendiest neighborhoods.


5. A Snowdonia woodland retreat, on the edge of Wales’ largest national park.


Have you spied the two pictorial problems yet? If you’re stumped, take a peek at some of the hints on our Twitter page.