Google Wallet, now in the Airbnb Android app

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Sick of rifling through your frayed old wallet?

We have a wallet we think you’ll like better.

Today, we’re happy to feature the new Google Wallet as part of the Airbnb Android app. Google Wallet users will be able to complete purchases in a flash—without having to bust out a single credit card.

If you’re new to Airbnb, you can simply use your Google account to log in without having to register.

So if you don’t have it already, download the Airbnb app from Google Play (it’s free, of course) and start exploring!


About Vivek Wagle

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  1. Conny Huthsteiner

    I am very frustrated in trying to reserve a room with all the new ‘verification” requirements, that I am unable to fulfill because of technical glitches. I can reach no one on the phone, and there are no instant chat options. My host cancelled my initial reservation, and I have found it impossible to find an alternative for myself. I am very disappointed, and fear I will need to cancel my trip.

    • Johan

      Conny, I’m having the same problems over here … what a mess!!!!!

  2. Anny


    I’m writing to ask you to the airbnb fee $23. In case of I cancel the reservation and re-book the new place which is total fee $46 (1st time and 2nd time). Can I get a refund back $23? Because I just change the place and still use airbnb.

    Thank you for your assistance.


    • Tommy

      It’s literally one month that I’m wasting my time to get this sync of calendar done….Airbnb it’s a not working website, literally I have wasted more than one mont in trying to have my issue solved but no way , Custer service it’s not working , not solving any issue and just saying th same old stuff every time I call them. I’m a property owner of more than 39 apartment in Rome and oven ever seen something like this in my business experience, I will do all my efforts to stop Airbnb to have more properties in Rome with me because they are not looking after the host, they just tring to have more properties for make more money without taking care of good host with more than 200 good reviews….I’m going to post my story to the vacation blog of Rome and internationally…. It’s one month that I’m tring to get on hold with them….no way they just ignore my request

  3. Alex

    I’ve recently started using Airbnb through my Android app and Google Sign-in. Since I don’t have a Facebook account and sometimes I’d like to check out the site on the web, is there a way to login using my Google account?


  4. Mary McHugh

    I have emailed 2 or 3 places inquiring about a reservation and none of them have replied. Why do you list your place if you don’t want to rent it. At least reply with a thanks but no thanks.

    I have rental property and always reply ASAP.

  5. Charlotte

    I couldn’t find an answer in your FAQ for this question or an email to contact you so I am posting this here.
    Will I get an official receipt when I book accommodation through airbnb?

    • Mark

      Hi Charlotte, yes you do get a receipt, in fact many emails with all the details of your trip, contact info etc. I was very impressed that I didn’t have to go looking for the info I needed.

  6. Habitación Joven

    Good option!!!

    I like!!

  7. Keisha

    I am getting more and more frustrated with airbnb. For starters, their phone never get answered , their contact us page – most of the times you get an automated response that just frustrates the hell out of you. Secondly their payouts are taking more than 24hrs and there is no one to call and find out what is happening or why.

    To the airbnb team: please remember that good customer service is very important. Bad reviews can break business. If you need to employ more persons to answer phone and for online chat please do so, do not put a dummy service on your website (Your online chat never ever work!) , I cannot put up a dummy rental property, please be fair to your hosts.

  8. Chris

    Hi. I am a host on Airbnb and i only wish i could get the old (previous) android app version back. As a host i have to have quick access to all my contacts and requests. With the new app first i have to wait for long loading pictures of homes i never wanted to see. (they are pretty though) But thats also pretty annoying to wait for loading the app. And even after that i have to tap on a special host menue to get just another menue where i can open my requests or mails. Is there any possibility to get the old app again? It was sooo clean and quick to handle. Cheers and thanks, Chris

    • Elizabeth Kulmac

      The loading takes forever!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I want to see Bethesda, why does it have all areas except the one I’m looking for. Please fix this page.

  9. Peter

    I had an issue with my booking and the property owner and AirBnB sorted it out in a matter of minutes. AMAZING! Very happy!!!

  10. Christine Upton

    I just put in a new listing at 158 Monsen Rd. Concord, MA. I have searched for the listing 4 times in 4 different ways and IT DOES NOT SHOW IN SEARCH RESULTS.
    I cannot find any way to get customer service help. Very frustrating!