Frugal Traveler reviews Airbnb in the NY TIMES!

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Many thanks to Matt Gross for sharing his experience using Airbnb. The New York Times article is well written, with great detail and charm. Read the full story here

Happy traveling, Matt!



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  1. ernie eayrs

    Avoid Airbnb at all costs!! This company is a scam. We booked a condo and had to cancel almost a month before trip. They refused to refund 50% of the entire cost of our trip. They require 100% payment upfront. The company says they do not pay the host until you move in for your vacation. Since we never moved in, why are they keeping our money? Luckily it was paid with a credit card so we are having the charges reversed. Too many other reputable companies out there.Don’t chance being screwed by this one.

  2. kate adams

    yes, I agree that Airbnb is a total scam. I tried selling to Airbnb, and they declined a transaction for absolutely no reason. I have lost thousands of dollars due to their incompetence and they support (although polite) sound as if they are stoned out of their mind. They have no idea how to handle any issues, and unfortunately have no idea that they will be sued for lost income.

  3. Nate

    Airbnb is a huge scam. As far as being organized and safe it’s as bad as craigslist or worse. I agree that they are polite, but will violate you in every way possible.

  4. Vivek Wagle

    @ernie – We’re sorry you had a bad experience with cancellation. We try to be as up front as possible with our cancellation policies. Please get in touch at if you have an ongoing issue.@kate – We do our best to uphold the highest standard of customer service. If you’re dissatisfied, please get in touch with us.@Nate – It sounds like you had a big problem with our service. Please get in touch so that we can try to make it right.

  5. LaShon

    We had a horrible experience with Airbnb and our host during what was suppose to be our Christmas vacation. Long story short – we arrived at our rental in Brooklyn, NY; it was as it appeared on the site, smelled very clean, the host was very nice and informative. After spending a night in the city at a comedy show and a nice restaurant we returned to our basement rental to sleep. I awoke at 2:30 am a bed bug on my pillow. I informed my fiance and as we were searching for another place to stay he noticed another bed bug crawling on the bed. We took pictures of the bugs, killed them, left them on a paper towel for the owner to see, showered, bagged up all of out things and drove 4 1/2 hour back to VA. I sent a text to the owner (not wanting to wake her at 2:30 am) and we called Airbnb later that morning. Since then we’ve been trying to get a refund for the days that we did not stay but are being denied a refund. Luckily we paid with a Visa checkcard and have since disputed it with out bank. Now they are investigating.We also wrote a review basically stating the things I stated above but the review has not been posted. Apparently Airbnb cares more about the owners getting business than having informed customers.Needless to say we will never use Airbnb again.

  6. Vivek Wagle

    Hi LaShon. We’re very sorry that you had a poor experience. Our customer service team needed some time to investigate the situation fully and to make sure that everyone was dealt with fairly. By now, you should have been contacted regarding your refund. I hope that the situation is resolved to your satisfaction.Please get in touch with our customer service department if there’s anything else we can do for you.

  7. carlos

    I am looking at some places to stay in Orlando Fl. My sister sent me some places managed by this company, but I having some doubts since I haven’t found a nice comment on this page