The weekend just past was, in fact, Mid-Autumn Festival. For those of you who don’t know, it’s when the moon is full and at least a fifth of the world’s population stuff their faces with mooncake.

Photograph: mmmmmm, mooncake, by tamelyn (Flickr).

Well, there’s actually a lot more to the festival than that, but I won’t bore you with too much detail. You’ll just have to find your way out to the Far East at some point during this time of year, next year, to experience it for yourselves!

Back to the mooncakes, though, I actually found a stash of this high-cholesterol snack sitting around in my kitchen today – a gift from a family friend – and devoured an entire one over the course of a few hours. “Just a quarter” was what I kept telling myself, all four times. Guilty, as charged. No kidding.

What’s in it? Lotus seed paste and salted duck egg-yolk! Sounds strange, doesn’t it? I don’t even want to think what that’s done to my blood vessels. But it tastes so good. It’s only once a year, I guess. Besides, I don’t think I’ve actually enjoyed one for quite a number of years. Hmmm… off to the gym tomorrow, methinks!

“Mid-Autumn”… I suppose summer is truly over, huh? But that certainly hasn’t slowed down the events that seem to be happening all over the world. offer a wide variety of weird and wonderful things to do for the months to come. For example, if you happen to find yourself in Wisconsin at all, check out the Beef-A-Rama festival. Sounds like fun!

That’s all for today, folks. It’s way past bedtime for
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