It’s important to do what you love, because…

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Most of us take it as a given that doing what you love isn’t just fun, it’s important. But why? Is it a universal truth, or is it a uniquely human impulse? Does doing what you love make the world a better place, or are we just grasping at happiness for ourselves?

We put the question to renowned singer, songwriter, producer, and all-around thoughtful human being, Moby, in front of his pop-up house at LA’s famed Viper Room, and he ran with it in unexpected directions:

Good stuff, Moby. Clearly, there’s more than one approach to the question, so we asked our online community to fill in the blank with their answer.

The most popular answer on the Airbnb Facebook page put it rather bluntly:

It’s important to do what you love, because…

…one day you will be dead. – Jenny W.-T.

Well, that’s true. Others, however, managed to put a sunnier spin on it:

It’s important to do what you love, because…

…today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present. – Linda S.

…you will never work a day in your life. – William S.

…doing something lame to please everyone else is no way to live the only life you’ve got. – Ashlee T.

…it will never be a struggle to get up each day & you will be happy, regardless of what you earn! – Mark H.

…passion is what defines you, not the rest of the world’s thoughts. – Deeren N.

…the real world doesn’t give a $#!† about your happiness, so it’s important that you do. – Erika W.

…there’s a lot of Monday’s to survive if you don’t love what you do! – Maggie T.

But the world is a nuanced place, and sometimes love hurts:

It’s important to do what you love, because…

…playing golf everyday makes you miserable, yet happy. – Bruce W.

It might be time to pick up ping pong, Bruce, but cheers to you for chasing what you love.

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Franki Elliot (right) doing what she loves: writing live typewritten stories.
Watch Franki’s inspiring story.

Why is doing what you love important to you?

Thanks to Moby, Viper Room, Sonos, and all of the local Los Angeles businesses that supported Airbnb’s Hello LA project, and provided us the opportunity to ask Moby interesting questions about the universe.


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  1. Douglas Johnston

    Here’s what I sent to the NY Attorney General about his attack on Airbnb:

    I am a retired Special Deputy Attorney General in the NC Department of Justice. I urge you to consider the consumer protection aspects of the questionable application of a NY tenancy law to AirBnb. The AirBnb process is the essence of consumer mutual protection to insure both responsible guests and hosts. Any problems, faced by neighbors at AirBnb locations, could be addressed by adding to the AirBnb web site a comments from neighbors section. Most AlrBnb guests would like to have that information, too. New Yorkers, too, tolerate much more genuine concerns than the complaints of a few.

  2. HF

    The legal challenge in New York City to AIRBNB is yet another example of special interest manipulation of legislators to reduce fair competition. Their argument is specious. Why? Guest hosts are not in competition with hotels,as most hosts offer their apartments for longer periods than the average hotel stay of New York business travelers. Average business travelers spend under one week in New York City as opposed to Airbnb clients who stay longer than one week in New York. The laws challenging Airbnb are unfair and dissimilar to the laws in other cities. Airbnb should MOUNT AN ANTITRUST SUIT AGAINST NEW YORK CITY.

    • Ed Cosme

      Do you really think those challenges are legal. Think again. A current Airbnb host won his appeal against this state law that was imposed on homeowners and apartment dwellers.

  3. Marco

    Hi Andy, thanks for sharing this great video of Moby. I love the way he smiles while talking.. It felt real :-)

    “…one day you will be dead. – Jenny W.-T.” Awesome.

    Bye, Marco

  4. Ed Cosme

    While there is a need for Airbnb to exist in NYC, many political figure such as Liz Krueger who sponsored a 2010 state law that makes it illegal for New Yorkers to rent out an entire apartment unless the owner are present, for a period of time of less than 30 days. is misinformed about the benefits and added services that Airbnb host provides their guest. For instance many guest such as I offer a full serviced kitchen, wi fi, cable satellite station and all at no extra charge. Many of my guest have even gone to rate my apartment better than a five star hotel at a very affordable rate. I’ve had guest from Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Peru, While the laws appears to be intrusive or an invasion of dwellers and home owners right to provide these services to tourist and local guest alike who from time to time can use a staycation. One needs to look from outside the box and understand that it appears that the hotel industry is up in arms and have hired a number of lobbyist to allocate, fundraising, donation to these political figures that have drafted this bill. Perhaps the State Attorney Generals office should subpoena the record of those politician who drafted and sponsored this bill. Perhaps the state or the city of NY should regulate the services that we provide if their claim is that dwellers are not collecting the occupancy tax rate of 15%. My other concern is that NYC appears to be the only state in the United States that has drafted such legislation. I don’t see a problem in paying the hotel tax surcharge but first you have to regulate it, rather than going after those dwellers just trying to make ends meet in Gotham City but that’s another story. To be continued…

  5. Javier Y

    So when is super host coming back? It’s been a while any updates would be appreciated ..