Can you guess our Top 5 Pinterest pins?

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A few weeks ago, we set up a little page on Pinterest.

Since then, our users have been having fun pinning and repinning some of their favorite spaces.

We’ve pulled up the Top Five pins by popularity on our Pinterest page and put them into the slideshow below. Can you name the countries where these listings are located? Let us know in the comments below. If it’s too hard, check out our Twitter page, where we’ll be dropping hints.

Happy sleuthing!



About Vivek Wagle

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  1. CarlyChamber

    I know that treehouse is from Costa Rica!

  2. Vivek Wagle

    Absolutely right! One down, four to go. :)

  3. PooiMun

    1) from Bali, Indonesioa, from Jarretaderas, Mexico, from New Orleans, United States from Yosemite, United States,

  4. Vivek Wagle

    You got all of them. Well done!