Chapter 3 – New Security Features from the Airbnb Suggestion Box

You asked for it, and we listened. When we launched our Trust & Safety Center ( on Monday, we created a suggestions page where all members of the community can submit and vote on features that will make our platform safer, easier, and more transparent. No one knows Airbnb better than you, so today, we’re proud to release the top three feature requests you’ve asked for:

  • Required profile photos - So far, the #1 request on our feature suggestion site is requiring profile photos for guests. Now, hosts can require that prospective guests must have a profile photo in order to send them messages or booking requests, keeping their inbox free from inquiries that don’t meet their requirements.
  • It’s ok to say no – Hosts have always been able to say no to bookings, although it has sometimes impacted their placement in search results. You shouldn’t be dinged for doing what’s best for you and your property. It’s your place, after all. So hosts can now decline a reservation without affecting their placement in search results.

Our third most popular suggestion is guest reviews (i.e. hosts can review guests). For those of you scratching your head, we were too. Hosts have always been able to review guests and share their thoughts with the Airbnb community. But this suggestion got a ton of votes which got us thinking that maybe this feature isn’t obvious to our hosts. So we’re giving this a face-lift in the coming weeks – stay tuned for more updates to reviews!


We literally check the suggestions page everyday for the most popular ideas, so your voice will continue to shape how we strengthen our community marketplace. Have an idea that will make Airbnb Better? Let us know:


Brian Chesky

CEO, Airbnb