Staying at a new place can be a wonderful, eye-opening experience, and to ensure that their are no unsavory surprises we encourage our guests to take a few extra steps before clicking that “Book It” button. Follow along as we help you navigate the various features on property listings, get the scoop on hosts through their profiles and reviews, and show you how to contact them using the Airbnb messaging system. 


The description section tells you about all the place and host. Here you can find all the fun details about what the space looks like, read about the surrounding area, and get to know your host. Be sure to read it thoroughly, as a host will sometimes put in crucial information for bookings.


House Rules

Everyone has them! Whether it means taking off your shoes before entering, how check-in is going to work, or any other rules that your host will want you to know – if you book – we will expect you to have read these and uphold them.



This section is important not only because it clarifies the exact space you will be staying in, but it also states the cancellation policy. Hosts have four different policies to choose from. Depending on how much flexibility you need, this is something to pay close attention to when booking as Airbnb enforces this policy for all our hosts.


Reviews & Friends

The community loves to share their experiences, so be sure to check out the reviews that previous travelers have written. You can also check to see if your host has friend connections, which is just another way that you can see how they are connected to the community.



This is the perfect place to check in on those details that will make your experience complete. Need wireless internet? Prefer a washer/dryer? How about handicap accessible? This is the place you’ll want to look!


Response Rate:

This is an indicator of how responsive your host is on Airbnb. We suggest messaging with hosts with higher response rates for a better chance at confirming a reservation. 


And of course, just ask!

We have a secure messaging system for a reason: If you still have questions for your host, want to know more about them, or anything at all – just click that blue button. Once you have all your questions answered, book with confidence!