Better than a Bellboy, Airbnb Concierge at Your Service

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You know what’s better than room service? Options. If you’re like us, then you’ve probably poured over room service menus offering $20 continental breakfast (coffee not included) only to find it ever so, meh. For some, the comfort of knowing they can rely on hotel staff to answer questions, help find late night snacks, book transportation or (heaven forbid) find emergency medical care makes some travelers feel more comfortable.


Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Why should Airbnb guests have to choose between a unique local travel experience and being pampered with world-class service?


Airbnb now pairs travelers looking to live like a local with an Airbnb Concierge to provide the premier service they deserve. This service is available for Airbnb guests anytime they stay in an Airbnb property — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — allowing guests to sit back, relax and enjoy their stay by letting someone else sweat the details.


The Airbnb Concierge can help you:


Unlock local mysteries:

  • Research the weather forecast in a new city
  • Offer advice on local restaurants and make reservations
  • Find stores that offer a product and help with pricing
  • Book tickets to local shows, sights, museums or games

Ensure stress-free travel:

  • Organize last-minute return travel
  • Rebook flights
  • Book rental cars or airport pickups
  • Roadside assistance

Plan logistics:

  • Answer questions about foreign entry requirements
  • Find the nearest ATM or help convert currency
  • File police reports or replace lost or stolen credit cards
  • Offer directions to the nearest embassy

Help with medical needs:

  • Refill a prescription
  • Find the nearest doctor or hospital
  • Book car service to pick up or drop off at hospital
  • Find urgent care facilities in close proximity

To utilize the Airbnb Concierge, simply dial the number provided along with your reservation. The lap of local luxury is only a phone call away.



logo-thumbnail-blue About Airbnb

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  1. David Smith

    Great Idea! I have been in the villa rental market for 10 years and I think this a great natural step for this type of rental system!

  2. Pia M.

    Wonderful! Stupenda proiezione per chi decide di aiutare i propri ospiti!

  3. Tomás Brito

    How can I be an AirBnb concierge at Lisbon, Portugal?

  4. Vivek Wagle

    Hi Tomás. Unfortunately, we are not accepting individual applicants to be part of this program at this time.

  5. Kenneth Thomas

    As I mentioned on Quora, I’m less than impressed with a phone call up service– for the weather!?!?! That’s what is for, right, and is always going to be faster and more accurate.Ditto for most of the other services provided (except, perhaps, medical). This is 2012, and I view whomever you have on the other end of a phone line somewhat the way I do the person behind the counter at McDonalds. I’d rather order on a screen, not deal with the tweenager, and pick up my order.For restaurants and other services, I’d much rather browse a list of options, complete with effective travel/transit options, than talk to someone on the phone — c’mon, however knowledgeable, one person is never going to be as knowledgeable as a web app.That’s what you should be developing. Let the people support it. Let me email my question– faster for me, faster for your personnel that a phone call.Concierge? What is this, 1940? Are you trying to be American Airlines?

  6. Vivek Wagle

    Hi Kenneth. Thanks for your feedback. I really appreciate your thoughts. Having such services available in a more convenient way that reflects how you’re actually getting them right now is certainly intriguing.I do want to mention that there are still things that a concierge service can help with that are still a bit tough to do oneself – such as last-minute restaurant research/bookings, tickets to events, and that kind of thing.

  7. Jerome

    A suggestion: if the concierge service or another service could help to source local trusted staff to do premium services such as:- grocery shopping (provide a template with usual items, and just ask for count)- in-house cook for some meals- cleaning service during the stayWe have rented some house for 3 family trip through another service a few weeks ago, and these extra services were available at a competitive price. It made the experience turn from great to totally awesome.

  8. Jenny

    Would that be a multilingual service. We are renting AIRBNB PARIS and do not speak French. Will the concierge be able to understand English ?

  9. Vivek Wagle

    Jenny – yes, the service will be available in English.

  10. Andrew Gilhespy

    Have you thought about turn around services for people wishing to go away but have multi bookings during this time?

  11. Melanie Rogers

    I love the idea of a concierge service, and was wondering if for non-urgent issues (help with international car rental, for example), there are any plans to make the services available via email? (It seems currently that the only option is to place a phone call).

    Thank you!

  12. Janet Cox

    Does the Airbnb Concierge service have the ability to provide basic kitchen supplies like coffee, sugar and pastries on arrival? Is this something I could ask of the property owner? It would be wonderful to have wine or to make a quick pot of coffee after a long flight from the west coast of US to Paris.