Behind the Scenes with AirbnbTV on The Great Med Tour

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The tour is well underway, and the film crew has been on hand to capture the stories, hear the testimonials, and film new episodes of AirTV. We’ve been able to meet these terrific hosts in England, and we want you to meet them too.


Norma & John: This delightful couple lives in Muswell Hill, London, and are fairly new to Airbnb. Married and living in the same home for over thirty years, when faced with the choice of moving out of their beloved home, or starting their own version of a B and B, they chose the latter. Norma, a fabulous illustrator, and John, a retired interior designer, put all of their natural creativity into the beautifully presented breakfast that they provide. Favorite stops on AirTV: The beautiful Alexander Palace, the Grove Café where the owner, Chiro, will serenade passerby’s with opera, and visiting the site where the first ever television broadcast was omitted.

Shanin: As a top host in London, to say that Shanin is a pro at Airbnb is an understatement. Offering a double private room in Earl’s Court that she shares with her two young boys, she strives to make every guest feel as a part of the family. Whether cooking up dinner in the kitchen and setting an extra place, or inviting guests along on mini-adventures in the city, she loves hosting because every guest exposes her children to a new experience. Even though traveling with young ones can be a challenge, by inviting guests from all over the globe, she is able to bring the travel into her home.

Ed & Vilija: Vilija and Ed met in Seattle, fell in love, and decided that before they started a family of their own, they wanted to travel to over 50 countries. They realized that in order to accomplish this feat, they would need a clever plan, and Airbnb was it. By purchasing a two bedroom flat just five minutes from Westminster, converting the living room into an extra bedroom and renting out two private rooms, they have been able to pay their rent and save dual salaries for their very own travel fund. With over 100 reservations total, they are clearly not far from picking up those passports and filling them with stamps.

Liz & Steve: As soon as you arrive in Bath, just a quick three minute stroll over the cobblestone streets will lead you to Liz and Steve. They rent out a two bedroom flat in the center of the city that is perfect for families, groups, and especially hen nights. They also run an established B&B across the street and welcome all guests to a traditional English breakfast of their choice. Favorite stops on AirTV: The free walking tour of the city, the Roman bath’s (of course), the canal that runs alongside the river, and Liz’s favorite scenic view of the city that cannot be beat.

Elena & Robert: Sometimes little towns get left out of AirTV, which is why the crew headed outside of Brighton to Rustington/Littlehampton. Located in a private community, these lovely hosts have traveled the world in traditional B & B’s and now want to create an experience that they have been struggling to find. They strive to cut out timetables, encourage relaxation, and want their home to be your home during your stay. Elena, originally from Moscow, will help you improve your Russian, and Robert will take you to hidden finds in the English countryside. Favorite stops on AirTV: Riverside fish and chips in Littlehampton, Arundel Castle, and a private stone beach extending for miles.

Joy: The fresh sea air is not hard to find when staying at Joy’s home alongside the beach in Brighton. A recent transplant to the city, she loves hosting guests as a way to meet new people and make friends in an unfamiliar place. Her place is a terrific deal, with a private bedroom at a 1/3 of the cost of the nearest hotel. Plus, when you walk out her door you see the water extend for miles, which makes this one of the best locations yet.

The team is now exploring Israel!  Follow along at, and to see past episodes check out AirbnbTV!


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  1. keinen

    the apt at NY manahtten on 101 st is good and comfortable and nearby every palaces.worthwhilekeinan

  2. keinen

    the apt at NY manahtten on 101 st is good and comfortable and nearby every palaces.worthwhilekeinan

  3. Alexis

    While airbnb is a wonderful idea and great looking website, I’d recommend to anyone thinking of renting on it try out their "customer service" first. I’ve been trying to reach them for two months, on ten occasions, including a guest emergency to no avail. Then I get these "how did we do?" follow up questionnaires but the truth is, they didn’t do, because nobody contacted me in response! Ten tries over two months and still nothing. In the midst of the guest emergency I tried the emergency contact number, which went to a business other than airbnb, "they haven’t had this number in 6 months", I was told. Then, I tried the airbnb online chat support, and the representative ended the session without warning, and there were no more reps available.Great concept guys, wonderful service last year. Any tiny thing I had to deal with was taken care of quickly and efficiently and I was your biggest fan and evangalizer. Sadly, I am looking at other sites that offer support and don’t feel I can recommend you anymore. Please prove me wrong! I love the idea, love the site, made great money with it, had all positive feedback, loved meeting you guys at the meet-and-greet 18 months ago, and want continue to see your success grow. Sadly, the lack of any support could be your business’ growth’s achilles heel. Sorry for dumping this on your blog. Apparently I have no other options in terms of contacting you.Thanks,Alexis