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About Vivek Wagle

Traveling the Airbnb way is about meeting people around the world, sharing in authentic experiences, and – of course – staying in unique spaces that you can’t find anywhere else.

We believe that beauty matters in everyday life. That’s why we designed a workplace where we can live out our faith in great design and beautiful experiences.

Office Snapshot featured our workspace today, and the reaction from our Twitter community was ultra supportive. We’re glad you share in our aesthetic philosophy.

Do you love beautiful spaces? Check out a new feature on our Facebook page that lets you vote on your favorite Airbnb listings. Tell us what you think!


About Vivek Wagle

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  1. Interior Monkey

    I just read the article on Office Snapshots today and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your space! I’m an interior designer & space planner specializing in tech companies & start-ups and it’s really inspiring to see offices like yours. So inspiring that I would love to visit! Please shoot me an email if it wouldn’t be too weird to have someone come and take a look at your offices…I promise not to bother the engineers! :) I’d really appreciate the opportunity to stop by and would love to feature your office space on my blog: blog.interiormonkey.comThanks! Reham

  2. CarolinaPrzBaso

    Of course! I love it 2! there is no a better way to work! congrats

  3. Gess

    Could you please come to Beautiful Ancient Italy and explain the concept to Old Dusty Office Owners around here?Educate by example! Put up ONLINE WORKSHOPS on this matter, guys. You are the opinion leaders in this exact era.

  4. heatingelementsinc Jessica

    Nice blog and really beautiful spaces, bookmarked.