AirTV: Float Away on Cam’s Boat in Vancouver

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From tugboats to canoes, boats have been unchartered territory when it comes unique accommodation experiences, not anymore. Venture to Vancouver and stay in Cam’s cozy house boat fit for any traveler looking for a central location and has a curiosity for life at sea. Just a stone’s throw from the buzz of downtown Vancouver, you’ll have no problem discovering the city’s alluring sites and treasures. So get nautical and navigate your way to Cam’s place.





logo-thumbnail-blue About Airbnb

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  1. Dave Pouso

    I’ve emailed Airbnb numerous times and also left vms with no responses. Does anyone know if this is a scam?

  2. Nick Gherz

    I wanna bang that redhead.

  3. Ramon Andrade

    hahahaa that’s lovely!Why didn’t I watch this before? I didn’t even know airbnb had an "AirTV"!