AirTV: Bath to Basics With Host, Liz

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Bath is as picturesque as they come with views that could be framed and admired as a piece of art. Airbnb host, Liz offers up a spacious and accommodating home fit for small and larger groups alike that provides the complete English treatment, including a homemade breakfast upon request. There’s no shortage of excitement and exploration when right outside the doors are the bustling streets and city attractions. Enjoy the scenic views of the countryside or take a boat trip on the river, just make sure your camera is fully charged and ready to go. Bath offers beauty beyond compare, while Liz provides the basics: a comfortable bed and delicious breakfast.


logo-thumbnail-blue About Airbnb

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  1. Merrietta Skold

    Anyone want to go to Babine Lake "the Largest Lake in British Columbia Canada"? I tryed to put my space listing in twice and it disappeared; I found it so aggrivating. Maybe someone out in cyber space is listening!

  2. Rick

    This is why I would never use this service.